How to Capture a Screenshot Easily

23 Jul

The easiest way to take a screenshot of your computer is to press the Print Screen button (PrtScr) on your keyboard. The screenshot will be stored in the clipboard and can be pasted in to any application like the image editing programs like or word document by pressing Ctrl+V or clicking Edit->Paste option.


Holding the Alt key down while pressing Print Screen captures only the active window.

Screenshot Utilities

A number of screen capture/screenshot utilities are available free of cost. You can make use of these small utilities to capture any area of the screen. Some of my favorites (freewares) are the following.


This one is a tiny image editing freeware which will help you in doing almost all common image editing tasks. Cut and crop, resize and re-sample, convert, screen capture, batch conversion, apply effects, scanning images etc. all can be performed easily. It can also play movies and videos.

Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping tool included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 helps you to capture a screen shot or snip anything on your computer screen. Open Snipping Tool by clicking the Start button – > All Programs – > Accessories – > Snipping Tool.


You can take screen shots and even record onscreen video. The copies images can be shared online via where you need to create an account for sharing your captures.


Easy to use snipping tool, just click on the snippy icon on the taskbar and mark the region you want to copy. The captured image is stored in the clipboard which can be pasted in to any application.


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